Consulate of the Republic of Serbia, Dublin – Ireland
Honorary Consul – Mr. Živko Jakšić
At the reception for the formal opening of Serbian Consulate in Dublin:

His Excellency, Dr. Dejan Popović, Ambassador of The Republic of Serbia in London, Minister Councillor Mr. Branislav Filipović, Honorary Consul Mr. Živko Jakšić, and Mrs. Teresa Jakšić.
Mr. Lawrence Swan and Mr. Michael Forbes, Director Europe and Asia, Department of Foreign Affairs, Ireland.
Mr. Logan Raju, consultant and Mr. Ivo Losman, Head of Consular Section, Embassy of The Czech Republic.
His Excellency Dr. Dejan Popović and Mr. Logan Raju, in the background, Mr. Gerard Cairet, Consul, Head of Chancery, Embassy of France.
30th JUNE 2012

Parishioners gathered in the hall: blessing of the Slava Bread, followed by communal lunch and celebrations.

From the left: Parish priest, Very. Rev. Ž. Nedić, Dr. A. Jakšić, celebrant for the day, and Secretary of the Parish Council, Mr. M. Popović, member of the Consular Section of Serbian Embassy in London, Mrs. Lj. Zarubica, Counsellor – Consul in the London Embassy, Mr. Ž. Jakšić, Honorary Consul in Ireland, Mr. R. Božić, Chairman of the Parish Council.
Serbian Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr. Ivan Mrkić, and the Serbian Ambassador for Great Britain and Ireland, Professor Dejan Popović, with the Honorary Consul, Živko Jakšić, during thier visit to Dublin for the OSCE conference, 6th and 7th December 2012.
27th March, 2013, at the conclusion of the annual congress of Fianna Fail prty, honorary consul, Živko Jakšić, was a guest at the presidential address of Mr. Michael Martin.
17th March 2013, Honorary consul, Živko Jakšić, and Mrs. Jelisaveta Đuričković, assistantnt to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Serbia, at the meeting of the Slovenian-Irish society, during the visit of Slovenian writer Miha Mazzini, 17th March 2013.
On june 17th, 2013, Honorary Consul, Živko Jakšić, with his wife, Mrs. Teresa Jakšić, and Mrs. Jelisaveta Đuričković (Serbian Ministry of Foreign Affairs), were present at the reception given by Solvenian-Irish Society. The reception was in honour of Bloomsday, which is celebrated i Dublin, each year, on this day, and commemorates the novel "Ulyssis", by the Irish author, James Joyce. The novel describes one day in the life of Leopold Bloom, after whom the day is named. On the photograph can be seen the portrait of the renown Irish tennor, John McCormack.
3rd March, 2014, Honorary Consul, Živko Jakšić, was a guest of the FAI (Football Association of Ireland) at the friendly match between Ireland and Serbia.
Honorary Consul, Živko Jakšić, was a guest at the celebration of the parish patron saint, St. Lazar (St. Vitas' Day) in Birmingham, England. where he gave the customary St. Vitas' Day address.
Blessing of the bread, in front of the Layarica church in Birmingham England, on St. Vitas' Day 2014.
From the commeroration of the centenary of First World War in Cavan town , 8th August, 2014 - bagpiper's " Lament ".
From the commemoration of the ventenary of First World War - "Flag Parade".
17th Septemner, 2015: At the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the consectration of the Serbian Orthodox Church of St. John The Baptist i Halifax, England, H.R.H. Princess Katarina Karađorđević and Honorary Consul, Živko Jakšić.
5 september 2017, prior to the match Ireland - Serbia in Aviva stadium, Živko Jakšić with guests from Serbian Embassz in London: Aleksandar Ilić (husband of the consul Mrs. Vesna Verčon-Ilić), Ivan Miletić, Nebojša Radojčić and Aljoša Babić.
7th October, 2018: On the ocasion of the celebration of 50 years since the consecration of the Serbian Orthodox Church of Holy Prince Lazar in Birmingham, Enlgand, Živko and Tereza Jakšić with H.R.H. Crown Prince Aleksandar.